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Tiffany & Company, Millburn, New Jersey.
Tiffany & Company

Every fine piece of jewelry relies on both the setting and the quality of the stone itself in order to be appraised at the highest level. Such is the case with this "gem" which finds itself set in one of this state’s most affluent shopping malls.

Tiffany & Company, Millburn, New Jersey.
Tiffany & Company

The design of this jewelry store was required to live up to the highest of standards for this internationally recognized firm. A name synonymous with class and elegance. This store was created to stand apart from an impressive assortment of other top of the line stores within this mall.

Approximately 1,000 pieces of stone were mechanically set to create the outer mall installation, as well as the countertops and archways within the store. Condor Creme (a Texas limestone), Madera (an Italian limestone), and Giallo Venezia (an Italian granite) were selected to create this impressive design. The prestigious company name was carved into the granite by a waterjet firm in Iowa.

Tiffany & Company, Millburn, New Jersey.
Tiffany & Company

Over 900 pieces were used for the outer store in sizes ranging from 6 x 3" to 3’ x 8’. These pieces ranged in weight from 1 lb. to as much as 300 lbs. This wide assortment of sizes - 470 different sizes in all - were all precut to fit from shop drawings before any sub-surfaces were built.

Very little adjustment was necessary during the installation process. Decorative stainless steel doors and windows were also fabricated to custom fit around the stone work, requiring exacting coordination between the owner, designer, stone fabricator, and installation team.

Inside the store, sales areas are separated by archways created by 12 x 12" granite tiles set in an unusual an intricate curved design. Counters within the sales area, also in a variety of sizes, exemplify luxury and elegance.

The textural beauty and attributes of the stone materials used to create the finished store were key ingredients in this successful design. One which we feel is equal to the treasures sold within.

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